Our goals and principles

DIMEXLIFT GROUP AD is one of the leading manufacturers of carts in Bulgaria. Our successful business is due to the main principles we follow – creativity, correctness and quality.

  • Pursuit of perfection – In order to be competitive in the dynamically developing market in the field of mechanical engineering, we follow the rule – continuous improvement. We are dedicated and driven to pursue the highest standards of quality.
  • Growth – We recognize and take advantage of growth opportunities as we build, thanks to our experience and knowledge.
  • Always Prepared – In order to stay abreast of new trends, we strive to be well informed about industry developments. This is how we make the right decisions and achieve long-term goals.
  • Devotion to employees  DIMEX stimulates not only professional growth, but also provides opportunities for personal development. As a result, our employees are highly skilled and creative.
  • Long-term vision Everyone at DIMEX is committed to following the company’s long-term vision and meeting challenges with the courage and creativity needed to fulfill our goals.
  • Trust and respect DIMEX strives to give its best, to create and maintain promising and stable business partnerships.

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