Dimex Lift

Carries out mechanical processing of details according to the customer’s order. For this purpose, we have modern new turning-milling, digitally programmed centers that are highly productive and support accurate and precise processing.

Lathe activity

We have modern turning centers with CNC control from the GOODWAY company, which can process details from all types of materials.

Turning on CNC machine GS200MY.

All 12 turret positions can also support milling functions.

All turning and milling centers also have bar feeders.

Lathe group GS series GA series
Ос C Yes Yes
Ос Y Yes No
A lunette Yes No
Maximum rod diameter up to 51 мм 51 мм
Maximum turning diameter up to 314 мм 320 мм
Maximum turning length up to 570 мм 575 мм
Positioning accuracy 0,005 мм 0,005 мм


Milling activity

Vertical milling center MCV 1100 with CNC control of the GOODWAY company with dimensions of the working area:

Milling group MCV series
Move along X axis mm 1100
Move along Y axis mm 700
Z axis movement mm 610
Rotary nasa 4th axis Да
Maximum mass load in kg 1000

The machines are high performance and support high cutting speeds and can be used to produce plastic tools, blast molds, injection molds, punches and other high precision tools and parts.

The machines have 24 position tool magazines. The tool holder is of type MAS-BT50

Grinding processes

The enterprise has surface grinding and circular grinding machines. The circular grinding machines are type TOS HOSTIVAR BU28-1000 with a maximum grinding diameter of ø280 and a length of 900mm. The surface grinding machines are “Prague” and “SPH” type with table dimensions of 600x200mm.


Welding processes

Welding activity:

The enterprise has a welding section equipped with a welding machine with a telefeeder type CLOOS-350A/MAT welding/  and direct current welding units for welding with wireless rutile electrodes.

A team of specialists designs and implements the technological processes of welding steel structures from low-carbon structural steels.


Processing of castings and metal structures


The company performs mechanical processing of castings made of steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron and aluminum alloys.

Give us your idea and you will receive

  • Conceptual and working projects
  • Construction and technological documentation
  • NC and CNC programs


Installation activity

Installation activity

We practice mechanical and press assembly to carry out press assembly.

For press assembly, we have a type of hydraulic press with an adjustable force of up to 60 tons, allowing the realization of precise assembly work.

We perform mechanized assembly on specialized assembly machines.

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