“… The team of specialists approached the task in a strictly specialized and professional manner, created an electric car with a technologically new principle of operation and a unique design. … Our cooperation with “Dimex” helped our good organization in the warehouse complex.” “Rubela” JSC – Rudozem

“We are a long-term customer of Dimex company. In our production base, 16 units of Dimex gas trucks are already working with a continuous cycle of work and a high load on them. Thanks to their good technical characteristics, the carts handle loads with ease and maneuverability. ….The built and fully functioning system for the prevention, repair and modernization of the checkers during and after the warranty period contributes to the high rhythm of work in our enterprise. The service teams are well equipped, mobile and available around the clock. Based on the good cooperation with colleagues from Dimex, we recommend “Dimex” checkers as a reliable means for successful work.” “Zagorka” AD – Stara Zagora

“…we are pleased to declare our long-term cooperation with the company “Dimex” – Plovdiv, which takes care of the overall intra-company loading and unloading scheme. … On the territory of our production base, 18 carts are operating, the purchase of which became a fact after a precise evaluation of several offers from different manufacturers. … Based on our fruitful cooperation with Dimex, we can confidently recommend its trucks as a reliable means of achieving efficiency in cargo handling. We will continue to work with “Dimex” because they think about our customers.” “Ideal Standard” JSC – Sevlievo

“We would like to express our satisfaction with the good commercial relations we have established with the company “Dimex” – Plovdiv. They performed their duties correctly and promptly, and we have had no disputes regarding quality. We are currently supplying electric trucks from the company “Dimex” after a competition under the Law on Public Procurement. We assure you that the products offered by the company would fully satisfy the requirements of every customer in terms of technical indicators, quality and reliability.” “NPP – Kozloduy” EAD – Kozloduy

“… Dimex in 2002, through the Embassy of Great Britain in the city of Sofia, provided Svilengard Customs with 2 electric trucks with a load capacity of 1.6 tons. The machines work in the “Temporary Facility for Inspection of Refrigerated Trucks and Their Loads” around the clock (over 12 hours a day), unloading palletized goods from the refrigerated trailers into a refrigerated container. ….The operating temperature does not exceed 7-8 degrees, and sometimes they have to be used at negative temperatures. Working with them is reliable and we are satisfied with the quality of the equipment provided to us.” Customs Svilengrad

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