Allegro Maestoso D35 / 3.5 tons

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Model Allegro Maestoso D35
Load capacity 3500 кг
Lifting height 3300 мм
Wheel formula 2x / 2
Movement speed 18/20
Documentation Lt-D25-35-E2.pdf (Download 40.99 KiB)

The diesel forklift is designed for handling palletized and single loads in open warehouses, factory premises, stations, ports and other cargo handling points.


  • for work (when moving and lifting) on ​​hard, horizontal, flat and dry terrain (asphalt, concrete, pavement, etc.);
  • for loads with a center of gravity located approximately in the longitudinal axis of the forklift;
  • for operation in a temperature range from minus 20° to 40° (from 253 K to 313 K);

The main working equipment is the fork horns. Instead, various replacement devices can be installed such as:

  • fork levelers;
  • fork extensions;
  • positioners;
  • rotators;
  • paper clips;
  • buckets;
  • and other;

Optional equipment:

The model can be produced according to the customer’s request and in the following variants:

  1. Lifting devices:
    1. SIMPLEX – от 3000 мм. до 4500 мм.
    2. DUPLEX – от 2000 мм. до 4000 мм.
    3. TRIPLEX – от 4000 мм. до 6200 мм.
  2. Cabins:
    1. rigid – with and without heater;
    2. soft – with and without heater;
  3. Catalyst;
  4. Spark arrestor;
  5. Super elastic tires;
  6. Color of the customer’s choice;
  7. And many others;

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