Atlant E12 / 1.2 tons

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Model Atlant E12
Load capacity 1200 kg
Lifting height 3300 mm
Wheel formula 2х / 2
Movement speed 13/15

Electric forklifts are mainly intended for work in closed storage spaces and rooms, and are most widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and light industries, logistics centers, customs warehouses, production halls, etc.

The main working equipment is the fork horns. Instead, various replacement devices can be installed such as:

  • fork levelers;
  • positioners;
  • rotators;
  • paper clips;
  • and other;

Optional equipment:

The model can be produced according to the customer’s request and in the following variants:

  1. Lifting devices:
    1. SIMPLEX – from 3000 mm. up to 4500 mm.
    2. DUPLEX – from 2000 mm. up to 4000 mm.
    3. TRIPLEX – from 4000 mm. up to 6200 mm.
  2. Super elastic tires;
  3. Color of the customer’s choice;
  4. And many others;


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